Wrist Support.



  • Easy to apply yourself
  • Through the sophisticated construction of the bands, the brace provides support where it is needed and leaves you free where possible
  • The brace feels very comfortable

When should you use the PSB Wrist Support?

  • To prevent wrist injuries
  • In case of wrist pain
  • In case of increased motility of the wrist


The PSB Wrist Support is available in 1 size and a left or right version.

Applying the Brace

Step 1
Place the thumb loop over the thumb, making sure the PSB logo is visible.

Step 2
Turn the support across the palm to the outside of the hand, across the back of the hand, along the front again, and fasten the Velcro.

Step 3
Take the loop from the thumb and close this band on the Velcro at the back of the hand.

PSB-Wrist-Support-detail-1 PSB-Wrist-Support-detail-2 PSB-Wrist-Support-detail-3 PSB-Wrist-Support-linedrawing PSB-Wrist-Support-package

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